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Deirdre M. Aten

Vice President, Business & Core Lab Operations


   B.S.                                                                     Business Administration

                                                                              Olin School of Business

                                                                              Washington University

                                                                              St. Louis, MO



Deirdre Aten co-founded Certus International in 1995.  As Vice President of Business & Core Lab Operations, Ms. Aten is responsible for overall management of Certus’ internal operations including financial management, human resources and information systems.

Ms. Aten also provides overall management of Certus’ Imaging Core Lab.  She works with clinical sites obtaining required images and documentation to qualify sites for the imaging trials. She oversees and monitors transmission of images from the clinical sites to the core lab. Upon image receipt she is the first line QC ensuring the sites have sent all appropriate images and corresponding documentation.  Ms. Aten, in concert with Certus’ imaging specialists, provides training for site staff, responsible for patient images, and the principal investigators.  Ms. Aten schedules and works with Certus’ imaging specialists and nuclear medicine physicians for image QC and queries, image preparation and randomization for blinded reads and conduct of blinded reads.

Prior to starting Certus, Ms. Aten worked in project management and laboratory testing for Medical MicroSystems, a start-up company developing electronic medication compliance monitors.  She also worked as a Business Analyst for Dun and Bradstreet gathering financial information from businesses for analysis of the company’s profitability and stability.