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Imaging Core Lab

Imaging Core Lab

With over 80% of our clinical trials being imaging related, the imaging core lab is at the heart of our business. Certus International oversees the application of imaging technology, protocol, and strategy to achieve your imaging study endpoints.

Working with an imaging CRO means you no longer have the frustration of trying to locate images. You call one company and get the information you need for your clinical trial and imaging data, reducing costs, time, and headaches.

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial Operations

Our Clinical Project Managers will serve as your main study contact. We train our Project Managers to have an administrative approach that is flexible and hands on.

Constant communication with our sponsor and sites ensures accurate data recording and results. With the support of our professional clinical services staff and CRAs, your study will be on schedule and within budget.

Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting

Our consulting services can be used on an individualized basis or for your entire project. Regulations and guidelines form the framework upon which all our services are built.

Past clients have praised our regulatory knowledge, accessibility, and dependability. From developing a regulatory strategy to promotional labeling, your project will be carried out efficiently, accurately, and as projected.

What makes Certus International so special?

Our years of experience and dedicated team sets Certus International apart from other imaging CROs. Most of our team has worked together for over 15 years and many of our members have over 30 years’ experience in their respective fields.

We are a team of professionals who specialize in problem solving, study planning, and innovation. Regardless of how complex the situation, we understand how to meet our sponsor’s needs, all the while keeping up-to-date with regulations, guidelines, and standards.

While using our services, we understand your time is precious. With our team’s experience, you can expect problems to be solved and projects to be completed in a timely manner.

When you call Certus International during business hours, you will speak to an actual person, not an automated phone service. We pride ourselves on supporting all our clientele. We treat our sponsors as trusted partners who can rely on us when solutions are needed.

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