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Imaging Core Lab

Our Imaging Core Lab Services

Our Imaging Core Lab was started by the same people who started Cetus International and has a long track record of successfully completing imaging clinical trials. With interdisciplinary employees and integrated software platforms, our Imaging Core Lab operates in a completely cross-functional manner with our Clinical Trial Operations services.

Focused Attention

From startup to study closeout, our team of experienced research professionals will give your imaging clinical trial the attention it deserves!

Peak Performance

Utilizing our experience, reliable software platforms, effective communication, and our team of experts, we will ensure your trial runs smoothly!

Quality Results

Our Imaging Core Lab is ready to face any challenge, innovate, and use our proven trial management methods to get you the accurate, reliable results you need!

Our Imaging Core Lab has a long history of working with sponsors in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

We provide our sponsors with a comprehensive suite of imaging core lab services and continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations for each clinical trial.

Our image acquisition and management processes are standardized, time tested, and quality controlled, ensuring successful outcomes throughout each clinical trial.

Our Working Process



We start with an initial consultation, understand your needs, and provide you with services such as trial design consulting, protocol development, document development (imaging charter, eCRF, etc.), and regulatory review.



Whether working with existing sites or finding the perfect site for your trial, we’ve got you covered. Our Imaging Core Lab Team will travel in person (or remote in) to inspect, qualify, and initiate all of your imaging clinical trial’s sites.


Trial Management

Using our software platform, our Imaging Core Lab will collect images, store data, perform quality control, review eCRFs, perform queries, create imaging workflows, and communicate to ensure a smooth imaging trial experience for you.  


Professional Blind Reads

We are ready to provide physicians to review your images or work with your own.  With our software platform, we will create a blind read workflow, a blind read database, train all physician readers, and make sure you get reliable accurate results.  


Closeout Activities

At study closeout, we will provide any dosimetry or statistical analysis required by your protocol. We will archive your images, documents, and results in our secure data vault and provide any regulatory assistance you may need. 

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